Xenoteras Devourer

Crunching sounds...it's not rubble, it's not a vehicle..it was the sound of your squadron disappearing into the Devourer's horrific mouth. This new addition to the Xenoteras rank will put fear in you enemy's heart, as this terrific monster is a Close Combat beast that will inflict incredible damage to anything with skin and bones. An extensible mouth and big sharp Claws make this creature a real fearsome enemy, don't get fooled with a slow and steady pace.


What you will see in this pack is a .ZIP file containing the STL's for assembling the Devourer, including the base. Some arms and tendrils have just been put as a left or right variant, so they can be mirrored on the slicing software, saving supporting time. Also, you can build the Devourer with different variants, as it has different tongues that can be put in either the mouth or the tail (they are exchangeable). There are also different versions of the body, but in this case what differs is the quality, the Version ending with "HI" will have more quality (Body Ventral and Body Mouth) but they are heavier for processing.



Please note that this model is for personal use only. If you are interested on selling my models, please contact me privately


Happy printing

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