Make your models more visible on a platform that is dedicated to 3d printable miniatures.

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Arenpi for designers

We help you to reach your customers with our marketing efforts
Do not lose your customer forever! If you share new 3d models, then every release is a new chance to bring your customers back.
A new platform which is only dedicated to 3d printable miniatures.
The system will give change its users to try your models with our multiple unlock system, so you will have chance to show your power and quality every month.
The Arenpi team is dedicated to 3d printable miniatures which understands the value your work.
How our subscription system works for designers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join as a designer?

You may contact to our team by leaving your contact information through designer application form here. We will immediately reply and help your onboarding.

How is Arenpi’s system different than other marketplaces for designers?

Arenpi is a subscription based online marketplace that allows designers to sell their digital files of 3D Printable miniatures. The system lets 3D designers to release their 3D digital files (STL files) for their customers on a monthly basis. Since our system gives subscribers freedom to choose from different models from different designers every month within their pre-paid subscription, you will have chance to have more customers at the beginning of every month release and lower chance of losing your customer forever. Another month, another release will grant you another chance…(Unlike other subscription sites. When you lose your customer, it is harder to get the subscription back) With the help our win-win subscription system.

How do i distribute my designs on Arenpi?

Designers share their models as monthly releases. Each monthly release is a single item that can be unlocked (bought) by the customers.
Firstly, you upload the model or model set. Then by combining all of the model set, you share your monthly release. Within the related month, you can update your monthly release by adding more models to it.

Can i share a design on anything that can be 3d printed?

At the moment, as Arenpi we focus on 3d printable miniatures. ( terrains, figurines and all related models) Any 3d models which are related and increases the experience of miniature enthusiasts are also accepted.

Designer Revenue Share Overview

After the subscriber choose the most reasonable plan for herself , we share this money with the designers which she unlocked on that specific month. (With our marketplace commission cut %10) For instance , if the subscriber choose “3 designers plan” and used her right for unlocking one of your your design, we pay you : (Subscription amount - Arenpi commission) /3. Since the subscriber unlocked 3 different designer’s monthly release, we share this pool money among these designers.

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