Welcome to Arenpi marketplace.

Tier 1

Unlock 1 designers


1 download per month

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Tier 2

Unlock 3 designers


3 downloads per month

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Tier 3

Unlock 5 designers


5 downloads per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Arenpi marketplace going to be opened?

It is now open for designers ! At the same time we are working hard for subscribers to have the best experience. We will inform you soon when it is open for subscribers too. Please stay tuned:)

Which type of designs can i find on the site?

You can find STL models of 3d printable miniatures. There are Sci-fi, war games, post-apocalyptic, fantasy and other genres. At the moment we focus on miniatures to give the best experience .

Can i unlock any model as soon as i subscribe to Arenpi?

Yes, you can start immediately. Each you will have unlock right as much as your plan offers.

Can i unlock the models of previous months?

Yes, you can unlock the posts (models) of designers which belong to previous months.

Can i change my plan to another Tier?

Yes, you can chance your plan anytime. It will be effective at the end of your monthly subscription period