Roman Doric Gateway

This product includes the following items.

- Gateway main structure.stl
- Gateway top roof.stl


We recommend printing with a resin printer.

this product can be scaled freely.

The height of this product is 40mm.

When printing, please adjust to the desired scale.

You can freely increase the scale of this product by using a slicer program. (e.g. 150%, 200%, 300%)


[Scale Table]
- 100% : 40mm height
- 150% : 60mm height
- 200% : 80mm height  *Suitable for 28mm scale
- 250% : 100mm height
- 300% : 120mm height
- 350% : 140mm height
- 400% : 160mm height *Suitable for 32~54mm scale

The pre-supported version we provide may have different results for each printer,

so we recommend only using it as a reference during support work.

Please look forward to the future products of BLUE SAND! Thank you : )


Test printers: Anycubic Photon Mono X and D2
Test resin : Anycubic standard gray

Package contains following models