Xenoteras Parasyte

Coming from the skies, this creature will be the source of a new type of nightmare. With a swift swoop and attack, it can place itself in the enemy lines, tearing troops apart and leaving some unlucky sods alive. Why unlucky? Because on the tip of its tail has a special needle-like fang that will insert a bunch of small eggs in their bodies, which will very rapidly grow up, feeding on their flesh. Eventually those new critters will emerge from wherever they are and continue their journey, until they can fully grow up and repeat the cycle again. Not many survive, but you only need one...


Note that the Wyrm is scaled to fit a 40mm base. You will also find a few variants of Flying swarms, each of them being an unique piece that you can print several times and fill a base with them.

Please note that this models are for personal use only. If you are interested on selling my models, please contact me privately

Happy printing!


Package contains following models