French 12-pounder Cannon

This product is a 32mm scale miniature 12-pounder field gun of the Gribeauval system.


This product includes the following items.


[French 12-pounder Cannon]
- 12-pdr Gun barrel
- Carriage
- Cap Squares
- Spike ring (off)
- Spike ring (open)
- Wheel
- Linch pin
- Turning Spike
- Sponge and Rammer
- Worm (Scourer)
- Water bucket
- Limber box (trail chest)
- Limber box lid
- Limber box handle
- Cannonball
- 9 Cannonballs


We recommend printing with a resin printer.

The pre-supported version we provide may have different results for each printer,

so we recommend only using it as a reference during support work.

Please look forward to the future products of BLUE SAND! Thank you : )


Test printers: Anycubic Photon Mono X and D2
Test resin : Anycubic standard gray

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