My dear designers,

I am Zanpip Haggleprint (Mr. Haggleprint if you may), the founder and proprietor of Arenpi Miniature Bazaar.

In my younger years while I was tinkering with portal magic in my realm, I've found out that there are different realms, worlds and universes with whole different realities. For years between these different realities, there was one type of art that particularly intrigued me: I call it C.D.H.M. (Computing Device Hologramic Modeling). In some realities that has "electricity powered technology" it's also called 3D Modeling.

With me being a fan of sculpting art in my realm, I was FASCINATED with what designers can accomplish using their imagination and C.D.H.M. to miniaturize "what could've been" in other realities in the form of what you call "STL Files". Without even visiting those other realms, no less!!

So being in love with your art, I worked for years to create an interdimensional bazaar where your C.D.H.M Miniatures, or STL Miniature Models if you may, can become tangible mini-sculptures using the 3D Printing technology in your world.

But there is a catch of course, again I'm in love with your art and how you miniaturize different realities. I have the utmost respect for your art, and for you. I don't want you to dull your skills trying to sell your models. The buyers coming to my bazaar pays an entrance fee upfront and choose models based on their beauty. So you can focus on doing and improving your art, your models will sell themselves.

I am sure you will be very happy working in my bazaar, and I would be honored to have you not as a seller, but as a colleague and an artist I can admire.

Please, fill the form below to learn the details about how we can work together and to join my bazaar as a designer so we can start creating miraculous things together.

See you at Arenpi! 😊

With love,
Zanpip Haggleprint